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I am looking for getting some rss feeds for finance news. I know, there are few like Yahoo finance RSS, Reuters RSS feeds but from terms & conditions, they mentioned that we cannot use them for commercial. I am planning for an iPhone app where i need to show stock/finance news for stocks etc. Would be great if someone can point me to get finance rss feeds.


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Your question doesn't ask if it is possible to find such a feed for free AND without a clause in the TOS preventing commercial usage. Unfortunately you are unlikely find such a feed (legally): any financial data that can be used to make money generally costs money.

In answer to these sorts of questions I have been pointing people at the Xignite web services, because they have a great range of financial data services, exposed via simple SOAP/REST APIs and priced cheaper than some of the offerings from the big players such as Bloomberg, Reuters, etc. (In the case of your Yahoo finance news RSS feed example, that data will ultimately be coming from one of these big players).

Xignite has a web service for accessing economic and stock-specific news headlines.

This is not an RSS-style 'feed' of course, but something you need to explicitly call on-demand. Any reliable feed where financial data is pushed to your service is generally very expensive.

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Hi James, Thanks for answering. You are right, basicaly i am looking for some source where i can get the finance news. Yahoo finance, reuters provides them through their rss feeds. But they mentioned for individual or non-commercial use. I looked into Xignite but it seems its expensive. As i am planning to add this source for my iPhone app, i was wondering if there is any free source to use for iphone apps. Not sure how others are using in their apps. Thanks – Satish Jul 22 '10 at 2:10
How would it be free? Is there a free content genie? Content is often licensed from wire services who are paying people to generate the content. If Yahoo pays for it and then you show would that work? Seems to me that you want something for nothing. – Steve Jul 22 '10 at 2:43

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