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Looking at Cssremix.com

when you hover over a item you can see the "Views" function I'm assuming they are using a plugin that links with the post views but when clicked the item redirects not to the post but to a website/site used

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This plugin gives you the post views. To filter a link you can hook into certain filters, such as post_link or the_permalink.

Here are some docs:

The usage would be something like this:

add_action('post_link', 'do_custom_link');

function do_custom_link($url, $post) {
  $external_url = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'external_url', true);
  if($external_url) {
    return $external_url;

  return $url;

This would get the external url from a meta field stored with the post, called external_url. You would define that meta field using the custom fields UI when you create the post through the admin pages.

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