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I want to create a TCP socket that listens only on a specific interface (say, eth0). How can I do this? I've tried browsing through the Socket API, but I may not be understanding things properly.

Here is my listen method so far:

def listen
  socket =$port)
  while $looping do
    Thread.start(socket.accept) do |server|
      response =
      puts "Command received: #{response}"
      if sanitize(response)

Thanks for the help.

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You will need to get the IP of the network interface you want to listen on and pass it as the first parameter to There is no way that I know of to specify the interface by name besides parsing the output of %x(ifconfig <interface> | grep inet).

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Thanks, that worked. I did the following: socket ="", $port) For the record, seems to work the exact same way. – Magicked Jul 21 '10 at 19:44

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