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I have a CFrameWnd with a dialog bar, and I'd like to determine the paintable area (excluding the space used by the dialog bar) so I can draw in it without being overlapped by the dialog bar. How can I do this? GetClientRect() seems to cover the client rect area as well, and I don't see any other obvious candiates in the doucumentation.

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I'm pretty sure the Cwnd::RepositionBars method should provide the information you need. Does the following code work for you?

CRect rcClient;
pFrameWnd->RepositionBars(AFX_IDW_CONTROLBAR_FIRST, AFX_IDW_CONTROLBAR_LAST, 0, CWnd::reposQuery, &rcClient);
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That looks like what I might need - can't test until tomorrow though. Is there a window message or callback that I can use to determine when a toolbar is moved so I can recalculate the client rect then, instead of calling it on every WM_PAINT? –  bdonlan Jul 23 '10 at 3:01

I had a similar problem with CDockablePane which I solved with

CRect rc;

but I also ran into the problem of not being able to find a message or callback to know when to trigger it.

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