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how I can delete a row from a javascript function from a button for example

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If you're using a DataView, use the following:

DataView.deleteItem(RowID);//RowID is the actual ID of the row and not the row number

If you only know the row number, you can get theRowID using:

var item = DataView.getItem(RowNum);//RowNum is the number of the row
var RowID = item.id
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Suppose you are using jQuery

var grid;
$(function () {
   // init options, load data  

   var columns = [];
   columns[0] = { 
     id: 'id',
     name: '#', 
     field: 'id', // suppose you have an id column in your data model
     formatter: function (r, c, id, def, datactx) { 
        return '<a href="#" onclick="RemoveClick(' + id + ',' + r + ')">X</a>'; }
   // init other columns

   grid = new Slick.Grid($('#gridDiv'), data, columns, options);
function RemoveClick(databaseId, gridRow) {
   // remove from serverside using databaseId
   // if removed from serverside, remove from grid using
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This is how i do it (not using any data provider though):

//assume that "grid" is your SlickGrid object and "row" is the row to be removed
var data = grid.getData(); 
data.splice(row, 1);

I use this in a live project and it runs well. Of course, if you want to remove multiple rows then a few tweaks should be made, or if you use a data provider then you'd maybe want to remove the row only from the data provider and then have SlickGrid just refresh the rows.

Hope it helps :)

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var rowsToDelete = grid.getSelectedRows().sort().reverse();
for (var i = 0; i < rowsToDelete.length; i++) {
    data.splice(rowsToDelete[i], 1);
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function deleteRows() {
    var selectedIndexes = grid.getSelectedRows().sort().reverse();
    var result = confirm("Are you sure you want to delete " + grid.getSelectedRows().length + " row(s)?");
    if (result) {

      $.each(selectedIndexes, function (index, value) {
        var item = dataView.getItem(value); //RowNum is the number of the row
        if (item)
          dataView.deleteItem(item.id); //RowID is the actual ID of the row and not the row number

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yes of course, I use it this way

var selrow = grid.getSelectedRows (); 
data.splice(selrow, 1); 
grid.render ();


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"Uncaught TypeError: Object #<SlickGrid> has no method 'removeAllRows' " –  Dryadwoods Jul 8 '13 at 8:20

hi i'm used this script for delete row of SlickGrid

function deletefila(numrow) {

  alert("delete row"+numrow);






        //and then invalidate and re-render the grid by calling grid.removeAllRows() followed by grid.render(). 


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Uncaught TypeError: Object #<SlickGrid> has no method 'removeAllRows' –  Dryadwoods Jul 8 '13 at 8:20

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