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I have read many posts about setting up unit testing in Zend Framework and I simply have not been able to get even one simple unit test to run. The issue is with setting up and testing the bootstrap environment. I tried the simplest of ways using the ZFW docs, but I always get this error:

Zend_Config_Exception: parse_ini_file(/usr/local/zend/apache2/htdocs/APPBASE/tests/application.ini[function.parse-ini-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Here is phpunit.xml:

<phpunit bootstrap="./application/bootstrap.php" colors="true">
    <testsuite name="ApplicationTestSuite">
            <directory suffix=".php">../application</directory>
            <directory suffix=".php">../application/library</directory>
                <directory suffix=".phtml">../application/views</directory>
        <log type="coverage-html" target="./log/coverage" charset="UTF-8"
         yui="false" highlight="false" lowUpperBound="35" highLowerBound="70"/>

Here is my bootstrap (tests/application/bootstrap.php):

    || define('APPLICATION_PATH', realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../../application'));
    || define('APPLICATION_ENV', (getenv('APPLICATION_ENV') ?   getenv('APPLICATION_ENV') : 'development'));

set_include_path(implode(PATH_SEPARATOR, array(
   realpath(APPLICATION_PATH . '/library'),


The controller I am trying to test (tests/application/controllers/AuthControllerTest.php):

require_once 'ControllerTestCase.php';
 * AuthController test case.
class AuthControllerTest extends ControllerTestCase
     * @var AuthController
    private $AuthController;
     * Prepares the environment before running a test.
    public function setUp ()
        // TODO Auto-generated AuthControllerTest::setUp()
        $this->AuthController = new AuthController(/* parameters */);
     * Cleans up the environment after running a test.
    public function tearDown ()
        // TODO Auto-generated AuthControllerTest::tearDown()
        $this->AuthController = null;

    public function testCallWithoutActionShouldRedirectToLoginAction()

and ControllerTestCase.php (in /test/application/controllers):

require_once 'Zend/Application.php';
require_once 'Zend/Test/PHPUnit/ControllerTestCase.php';

abstract class ControllerTestCase extends Zend_Test_PHPUnit_ControllerTestCase
 public $application;

 public function setUp()
  $this->bootstrap = array($this, 'appBootStrap');

    public function appBootstrap()
       $this->application = new Zend_Application(
                                  APPLICATION_PATH . '/configs/application.ini'


 public function tearDown()


my application.ini (APPBASE/configs/application.ini):

phpSettings.display_startup_errors = 0
phpSettings.display_errors = 0
includePaths.library = APPLICATION_PATH "/library"
bootstrap.path = APPLICATION_PATH "/Bootstrap.php"
bootstrap.class = "Bootstrap"
appnamespace = "Application"
resources.frontController.controllerDirectory = APPLICATION_PATH "/controllers"
resources.frontController.params.displayExceptions = 0
resources.layout.layoutPath = APPLICATION_PATH "/layouts/scripts/"
resources.view[] = ""
resources.view.doctype = "XHTML1_STRICT"
phpSettings.date.timezone = 'America/Chicago';

[staging : production]

[testing : production]
phpSettings.display_startup_errors = 1
phpSettings.display_errors = 1

[development : production]
phpSettings.display_startup_errors = 1
phpSettings.display_errors = 1
resources.frontController.params.displayExceptions = 1

Note that the path in the error message does not line up with the path specified in my bootstrap. I thought at one point that the line "$this->application->bootstrap();" might be executing my regular app's bootstrap and changing the app path so I commented it out, but I have the same error regardless. If I "Run as PHP Unit Test" inside Zend Studio with this commented out, I get the original Zend Config Exception. If I run phpunit from the commandline, it can't find any of the controllers in my app. When I uncomment and run from the commandline, I get the Zend Config Exception. Running in Zend Studio always results in the Zend Config exception.

Can anyone offer some insight as to why I cannot get the application path set correctly?

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You just have some of the paths wrong I think.

Based on the way you have your phpunit.xml I'd move the bootstap file up one dir to tests/

Then change the first path on line 1 in phpunit.xml to ./bootstrap.php

Then change the path for APPLICATION_PATH in bootstrap to /../application

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I tried this but the result was the same. I found that there were other issues within my app's bootstrap file that were causing the ini parse error. –  MikeH Jul 22 '10 at 1:01
Ok, it's just important that you understand both bootstraps are running here, one for your tests and one for the app. –  Joe Martinez Jul 22 '10 at 14:04

Make Sure that you set your APPLICATION_ENV to testing like this.

defined('APPLICATION_ENV') || define('APPLICATION_ENV', (getenv('APPLICATION_ENV') ?   getenv('APPLICATION_ENV') :'testing'));
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