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I have been working on a zend framework project on localhost (OS: Snow Leopard) and when I uploaded the files on the hosting server (shared hosting) I got some errors about a view helper i was using there.

More specifically:
The project structure is like this: ( i ommited some irrelevant subfolders and the numbers in the paranthesis is just for reference in here, it is not included in the folder name in the project)


In the helpers(1) folder i have a view helper, BaseURL.php:

class Zend_View_Helper_BaseURL
    function baseURL()
        $fc = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance();
        return $fc->getBaseUrl();

I use it, for example , in the layout to write the paths for stuff like CSS files, JS files, something like this:

<script src="<?php echo $this->baseURL();?>/public/js/somejavascript.js></script>

And usually i use it when i need the base url (not only in layouts,also in views). I have been using the same helper in the 'default' module of the application and in the 'admin' module (modules/admin/...). Localy, everything went ok, no issues. When i uploaded the project, i got errors like:

An error occurred
Application error
Exception information:

Message: Plugin by name 'BaseURL' was not found in the registry; used paths: Cmsadmin_View_Helper_: /path_to_site_like_public_html/application/modules/cmsadmin/views/helpers/ Zend_View_Helper_: Zend/View/Helper/

The error above was for a line using $this->baseURL() in the admin layout (which is called in the admin module).

At first i thought maybe because the helper is declared in another module (the default module), its not found by the framework in the admin module. But why locally everything works ? I dont get it. Also, if i change $this->baseURL() to $this->baseUrl() in the same admin.phtml layout file, in the admin module, everything works (online and locally).

If someone could enlighten me to whatever it is i am missing, i'd appreciate it.

P.S.: Since its not yet clear in my head, maybe someone could tell me : a helper declared in a module is available in all modules of the website? ( the local development told me it is, since its working locally, but then whats wrong with the uploaded project?).


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check this


keeping the parameter null may fix the problem. you will get the baseurl in layout and also in default.php.

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You need to prefix your view helper with Cmsadmin_View_Helper_ and not Zend_View_Helper_ as described in the error message. The error message tells which paths it looks in for the various prefixes.

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Two things i would like to mention: 1. I do have a helper in the cmsadmin module, and its named AdminBaseURL.php , and the code is: class Zend_View_Helper_AdminBaseURL { function adminBaseURL() { $fc = Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance(); return $fc->getBaseUrl()."cmsadmin/"; } } and 2. Still , why does it work when i use baseUrl() and not baseURL() in the state that things are now? – eemerge Jul 21 '10 at 23:54
P.S. and a 3rd thing to mention: i also have another helper called class Zend_View_Helper_MediaDir in the same folder: cmsadmin/views/helpers , and that one works without any issues. – eemerge Jul 21 '10 at 23:59

Replace this:-

<script src="<?php echo $this->baseURL();?>/public/js/somejavascript.js></script>


<script src="<?php echo $this->baseUrl();?>/public/js/somejavascript.js></script>

not:- Always use $this->baseUrl(); its case sensitive

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