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Is it possible to set the content-length header and also use chunked transfer encoding? and does doing so solve the problem of not knowing the length of the response at the client side when using chunked?

the scenario I'm thinking about is when you have a large file to transfer and there's no problem in determining its size, but it's too large to be buffered completely. (If you're not using chunked, then the whole response must get buffered first? Right??)


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If you could mention any RFC references or something like that, it would be great. –  p00ya00 Jul 21 '10 at 21:47

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1) No: "Messages MUST NOT include both a Content-Length header field and a non-identity transfer-coding. If the message does include a non-identity transfer-coding, the Content-Length MUST be ignored." (RFC 2616, Section 4.4)

2) And no, you can use Content-Length and stream; the protocol doesn't constrain how your implementation works.

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I hope chunked transfer encoding is an example for stream; you have mentioned here ins't it? it may also include range requests. am i right? –  Jayapal Chandran Sep 1 '11 at 0:10

Well, you can always send a header stating the size of the file. Something like response.addHeader("File-Size","size of the file");
And ignore the Content-Length header.

The client implementation has to be tweaked to read this value, but hey you can achieve both the things you want :)

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