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I want to disconnect cleanly, and then stop the reactor. If I do this, however:


then I get a "connection was lost in a non-clean fashion" message. If I insert a time.sleep(1) in between them, the connection closes cleanly. How can I wait until the connection is really closed?

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You could listen for a callback from twisted which indicates that the connection has been disconnected. This blog describes an approach to do this.

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yep worked well once I figured out how it was doing what it did –  Claudiu Aug 11 '10 at 16:25

I have been wondering about the same thing recently, how to disconnect my client in clean way. While the client is a subclass of LineReceiver I tried:


self.factory.close() (where factory is IAddress returned by Factory's buildProtocol())


but what I actually found in some docs was:


and it closes connection cleanly. The question is quite old now, but I hope it would help somebody in the future :)

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