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To avoid NullPointerExceptions I find it useful to provide an immutable dummy implementation of an interface together with the interface. Like this:

public interface Action {

  void perform();

  public static final Action dummy = new Action() {
    public void perform() { 


Action.dummy can then be used instead of the evil null.

Is there a name for this design pattern?

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Program Doesn't Work and I Don't Know Why Pattern. –  NullUserException Jul 21 '10 at 22:36
@NullUserException: lol! +1 –  DanP Jul 21 '10 at 23:11

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Null Object pattern (provided by M. Fowler if I remember correctly).

Here is a chapter Introduce Null Object from Fowler's Refactoring book.

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Yes, Fowler popularized this one in various publications, altho he called it a SpecialCase in PoEAA, which I like even better. Typically a business app will find there is actually useful behavior that goes with an object wanting to be null, if you look for it too. –  Berryl Jul 21 '10 at 23:45
I find "SpecialCase" pretty meaningless. A special case could be everything and nothing, whereas "Null Object" is more meaningful. –  deamon Jul 22 '10 at 7:21

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