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I have seen this question: and have allmost exact the same question but Im focused on winforms.

I working on an application that is not primary made for using with a touch screen, but now I see more and more customers using touch screen and want the application to support it better.

I want to "add" to the UI so that for example a rightclick on a combobox (or click a button at the side of the combobox) opens up a dialogbox that handles the showing and selecting of the items easier on a touch screen.

Controls I want to enhance or replace are listboxes, comboboxes and textboxes.

I know its easy to create those controls myself, but I think there must be some standards and allready tested UIs that works good in that environment. I dont want to reinvent the wheel and make a bad one if it allready exists good ones.

To sum it up: Are there guide-lines for controls regarding touch screens, then where? Are there any allready made controls I can byu (or free ones) out there?


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Found some information:

Interaction Design Guide for Touchscreen Applications

The interface between humans and interactive kiosks

Keys to a Successful Kiosk Application Some tips can be used generally:

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