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I've decoded code in footer and header of template, but don't know how to do it in functions.php in wordpress template.

Can you please decode this code:

<?php print(stripslashes(gzinflate(base64_decode("VZBNS8QwEIbvC/0PcyikhbJ611rY9QPZxZOKSKCUyYSETZOSpB4U/7uztCLCHGbeZ767m+sO9Owx2+ABDeGpNzQoilX9VWwAoHStFE+7l9cd7t/swd0e3h+OUlwtULfKRj+MVPX9/ePxru/rrRQXS4vtZKa/TNXqMJGvSt1IEaWoV4CtjpzOumq0dZTsJ3FQr1yjC+ksqFWwuko5TiFVJTalq9v2cl0VgNAEkOLZ2ATZ0EjATiRHQyIFs+elAHlath8EGMYx+ATOInmkBgbnOPCnBNafy0GHkLkimTA7xX3GgYH1ecD8exeAsrS438WG7f8PmRSbjp/8Aw==")))); ?>
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Are you asking for a 'decode' of eval in your title? eval is not a decoder / string-manipulator, it runs the code in the string it gets. – Wrikken Jul 22 '10 at 0:29
hey, your included code is already worked! – ariefbayu Jul 22 '10 at 0:31
If the developer had this in his code, he obviously wanted you to leave the footer intact for credit. Don't remove the author's credit, it's the right thing to do. – esqew Jul 22 '10 at 1:02

Change eval() with echo

echo stripslashes(gzinflate(base64_decode("VZBNS8QwEIbvC/0PcyikhbJ611rY9QPZxZOKSKCUyYSETZOSpB4U/7uztCLCHGbeZ767m+sO9Owx2+ABDeGpNzQoilX9VWwAoHStFE+7l9cd7t/swd0e3h+OUlwtULfKRj+MVPX9/ePxru/rrRQXS4vtZKa/TNXqMJGvSt1IEaWoV4CtjpzOumq0dZTsJ3FQr1yjC+ksqFWwuko5TiFVJTalq9v2cl0VgNAEkOLZ2ATZ0EjATiRHQyIFs+elAHlath8EGMYx+ATOInmkBgbnOPCnBNafy0GHkLkimTA7xX3GgYH1ecD8exeAsrS438WG7f8PmRSbjp/8Aw==")));
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