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i have added one route and one link and the load time for the page is now 5-6 seconds more.

here is the routing:

  root :to => 'firstpage#index'

  resources :menus

  # this one is added
  match 'search' => 'search#index'

here is the link in the view:

<%= link_to "Sök", :controller => "search", :query => "ruby on rails" %>

i guess that rails is searching for the routing in the routing file, and that takes 5-6 secs more. i think i have done the routing wrong or the link could be more appropriate constructed.

could you see any "fault" on this?


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tail -f log/development.log, hit the page, show results. That way we can at least see what exactly is taking such a long time –  Jamie Wong Jul 22 '10 at 1:50

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5-6 seconds seems a little excessive for this to be the problem.

you could try

<%= link_to "Sök", search_path(:query => "ruby on rails")%>
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