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Is it possible to write a script that executes certain instructions, and is triggered by any check-in to a CVS repository?

The script would scan the list of files in the change-set and do a copy operation on certain files in a certain sub-directory.

I would hopefully be able to execute various console applications, including ones written in .NET.

Problem is, I need this done quickly and I don't have access to the CVS server, due to corporate IT red-tape, etc.

Is there a way to set this up on one of the client workstations instead?

Can it be done without interfering with my working folder?

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Can you get commit notifications by email as this blog shows? If so, you could be able to use maildrop (or good old procmail, etc) to run arbitrary commands and scripts on your workstation when the commit notification mails arrive.

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I found a .NET library that seems up to the task - SharpCVSLib.


(Hopefully it will work on a developer workstation and not need to be hosted on the CVS server.)

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