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The question, by itself, implies that the DefaultValue property in my Root.plist file was set to "no". This is unfortunately not true. To verify what my problem is, I am trying to use a section of the iPhone's Settings application. I am using this to show/hide certain on-screen items. By default, the "shown" property was set to "on." Unfortunately, all of the on-screen items were hidden before the user went to the settings app, turned the options off, then turned them on again! Here is my code.

if ([prefs boolForKey:@"artwork_prefrence"] == YES)
        currentArtwork.hidden = NO;
    else if ([prefs boolForKey:@"artwork_prefrence"] == NO)
        currentArtwork.hidden = YES;

    if ([prefs boolForKey:@"title_prefrence"] == YES)
        currentSong.hidden = NO;
    else if ([prefs boolForKey:@"title_prefrence"] == NO)
        currentSong.hidden = YES;

    if ([prefs boolForKey:@"artist_prefrence"] == YES)
        currentArtist.hidden = NO;
    else if ([prefs boolForKey:@"artist_prefrence"] == NO)
        currentArtist.hidden = YES;

    if ([prefs boolForKey:@"next_prefrence"] == YES)
        nextbutton.hidden = NO;
    else if ([prefs boolForKey:@"next_prefrence"] == NO)
        nextbutton.hidden = YES;

    if ([prefs boolForKey:@"prev_prefrence"] == YES)
        prevbutton.hidden = NO;
    else if ([prefs boolForKey:@"prev_prefrence"] == NO)
        prevbutton.hidden = YES;

    if ([prefs boolForKey:@"progress_prefrence"] == YES)
        progressslider.hidden = NO;
    else if ([prefs boolForKey:@"progress_prefrence"] == NO)
        progressslider.hidden = YES;

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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You have to use registerDefaults in your initialize-method in your App Delegate.

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