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I am trying to modify the default value of a form field every time the form is updated. I have tried to edit the $form->bind in my processForm (..) but I am unsure how to do so.

Is it possible to get some example code or any approaches to do?

The field name is 'processed' and I am trying to set the value to 'false' - Using Symfony 1.4 (Propel)

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Please give us more information on what exactly you want to do. – Timo Jul 25 '10 at 14:48

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In the action, you can directly modify the values from the request before binding them to the form:

$parameters = $request->getParameter('nameofyourform');
$parameters['fieldyouwanttochange'] = 'newvalue';
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As an alternative you may modify the doSave() method of your form as suggested by the symfony team.

If you need to modify the saving process itself, sfFormObject::doSave() is usually the best place to do it.

The advantage of this solution is you have all your code related to the form in one class/file.

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