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any suggestion regarding how to play videos using gtk+?

Regards, Lancy Norbert Fernandes

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For Playing Videos on GTK+ and other GTK Bindings you have a lot of options.

Option: Use A Third-Party Library

1- Try using ogmrip-gtk , A set of Gtk Interface, which allows you to use the open-source OGMRip library as a Gtk-Widget.

2- You may use another library, gstreamer. Also can be used easily with Gtk.

3- You may use LibVLC - gtk. A GTK wrapper for LibVLC (ever used the VLC Media Player?). Personally , I like this a lot.

Option: Using Code from Open-Source Software

1- The Banshee media player is open-source and although it uses Gtk#, you may have no trouble converting the code to GTK+.

2- See the MPlayer or Totem Player Source Code. (or any other for that matter, here is a list )

Option: Use A Process

1- I've heard the MPlayer Command Line is pretty simple. Here's a guide.

With GTK+ there are always a lot of new and innovative (not to mention open-source) ways to do stuff. So always keep looking for better ways. I am personally a great fan of the GTK+ toolkit and have found that there is nothing you cannot do with it.

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GStreamer integrates well with GTK+.

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Here is a tutorial on making a media player in GTK+ and GStreamer

Basically you want to add a GtkDrawingArea to display the video, and create a playbin2 GstElement to play back the video and when the GtkDrawingArea is realized you need to get the XID of the drawing area and pass it to the playbin element to tell it where to display the video.

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