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I think I'm missing something simple here. I'm using Boost's shared_ptr.

shared_ptr<Foo> pA(new Foo()); 
shared_ptr<Foo> pB(new Foo()); 

Now, I want to switch pB so it contains the contents of pA, decrementing the ref count of pB. How can I do this?

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"Boost's std::tr1::shared_ptr" is a bit weird, don't you think? :) Boost has boost::shared_ptr, TR1 has std::tr1::shared_ptr, and C++0x has std::shared_ptr. –  GManNickG Jul 22 '10 at 4:40
Boost also contains a TR1 Library which includes shared_ptr it resolves std::tr1::shared_ptr to the native std::shared_ptr of the c++ lib, or if such doesn't exist to boost::shared_ptr. So boost's std::tr1::shared_ptr is valid and meanigful. –  Fabio Fracassi Jul 22 '10 at 9:24

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It's all done automatically:

pB = pA;  // pB ref count is decrement (in this case causing the value to be released)
          // pB is then made to point at the same value as pA
          // Thus incrementing the refCount.
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