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I'm looking for some different perspectives for orchestrating messages through a number of message queues.

  • For orchestration steps, would prefer to avoid some of the hard coded xml file solutions that are out there. Not BPEL; as the workers are not soap services. I was thinking of something a bit more dynamic such as defined in a db that can easily be updated on the fly through a simple web ui.

FYI: If there is an existing solution you know of, I'm only considering open source (i.e. no oracle, ibm, microsoft, etc.)

As of now, I'm thinking we'll have to build much of the orchestration logic as we haven't found anything that we like. Any ideas?

Thanks for your time

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Apache ActiveMQ and Java Message Services are robust messaging resources. I couldn't find stomp. Stomp has too many other meanings on Google. I think you will have to build much of the orchestration logic yourself, as that's application dependent. –  Gilbert Le Blanc Jul 22 '10 at 5:23

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