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I'm encoutered a problem that is could not get a HTML element by element's text.My HTML looks like:

    <td class="oMain">test value</td>

For some special reasons,I have to get the '<td class="oMain">' element using it's text 'test value'. I tried '//tr[td='test value']/td' but no result.How can i write the XPath expression?

Any help is welcome.Thanks!

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I'm using htmlcleaner to parsing in java,and i need only xpath expression rather than progamming. BTW,is '//td.oMain' Xpath specification compliance? – newton Jul 22 '10 at 5:42
I don't think so. – FK82 Jul 22 '10 at 8:22
the <tr> doesn't have a closing </tr> – Dennis Knochenwefel Dec 21 '10 at 9:58

Your expression

//tr[td='test value']/td

places the predicate on the parent node "tr". Maybe that's what's causing the problem.

What you want probably is this

//td[@class = "oMain" and child::text() = 'test value']]

Here's a link to th W3 specification of the xPath language for further reading: http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath/

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Your XPath expression seems to be correct. Do you have a default namespace (e.g. XHTML) in your html? If so, you can modify your XPath like this:

//*[local-name()='td' and text()='test value']

If you can figure out how to use namespaces, you could also do

//xhtml:tr[xhtml:td='test value']/xhtml:td

Does that help?

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What are you using to do the parsing? In Ruby + Hpricot, you can do

doc.search("//td.oMain").each do |cell|
  if cell.inner_html == "test value"
    return cell

In this case, cell would be:

<td class="oMain">test value</td>
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In the xpath expression, first put the element node, which in your case is td, and then apply the filter text()='text node'

//td[text()='test value']

Hope this helps.

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Instead of writing XPath you can alow use jQuery for getting the value like following


if you have multiple td in that case you can use

 $(".txt").each(function() {
//Your JS code here to fetch the value using this.html()

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