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I have created a C project in Visual Studio 2005. Whenever I am using any Windows API(CreateFile,CreateProcess,RegOpenKeyEx,etc),they are not working fine,means resulting in error return value.I am not getting any compile error. Are they related to project settings,etc

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When you get an error, you have to at least tell what the error is. Also post the code that is giving you the error. – Dean Harding Jul 22 '10 at 5:35

I was using unicode setting,the function name differs for unicode.

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Not if you use the correct typedef. The compiler will automatically insert the correct name for the function (generally by appending either an A or a W to the end of the function's name). – Cody Gray Mar 29 '11 at 4:20
@Cody: the compiler doesn't do this (I wish it did), the preprocessor does, which can lead to problems here and there. – Necrolis Mar 29 '11 at 5:30
@Necrolis: Yes, you're right. I'm not sure how it's relevant; that wasn't really the point of my comment. Relying on the preprocessor in general can lead to problems, but I've never seen this create a problem. It certainly alleviates more problems than appending the A or W yourself. – Cody Gray Mar 29 '11 at 5:37

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