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More and more I realized that without jumping into the code details, I cannot really understand the how CLR works.

So could you recommend some good books on SSCLI (Shared Source CLI)?

Many thanks.

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There's Shared Source CLI Essentials.

For detailed information on the CLR, Jeffrey Ricther's CLR via C# is really useful. Make sure to get the recently published 3rd edition as it has updated info on CLR 4.

Also, check this question.

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the appended question leads me to the book by Jon Skeet, great thanks! – smwikipedia Jul 27 '10 at 6:34

The following post on Joel Pobar's blog has a link to download the latest version of the SSCLI 2.0 book. It also contains a link to a patch that you can overlay on the distribution to allow it to be built in Visual Studio 2010.

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