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Hi Im looking for examples of well written Cocoa Touch iPhone apps to help me see what good cocoa code looks like.

Specifically im interested in how people have layed out standard navigation apps.

I am also interested in how different people have layed out the model/view/controller files as well as general naming conventions etc.

Code which uses core data would also be interesting to see.

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Actually, the framework used for iPhone apps is Cocoa Touch, as opposed to just Cocoa which is for Mac OS X. But I'm just nitpicking. – BoltClock Jul 22 '10 at 5:35
Why limit this to github? Anything with source available should do, no? – Georg Fritzsche Jul 22 '10 at 5:37
Some more that I know, but not in github (maybe in google code or other svn) is : Core Plot Wordpress for Iphone – vodkhang Jul 22 '10 at 6:05
Version 1 of iOctocat is also open source, see It's a GitHub app for the iPhone and iPad. – dennisreimann Oct 8 '13 at 7:45

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Note: These are all super old apps by now, so they probably aren't good examples any more.

Erica Sadun's iphone 3.0 cookbook:

AppStore reviews scraper:

App Sales mobile for daily sales:

This one will teach you how to use the accelerometer pretty well:

The Yammer iphone app:

Reddit's iphone app:

Port of the old gorilla's game:

Matt Gallagher's audio streamer:


31 apps in 31 days:

wikiHow source:

tetris alternative:

twitter client:


time tracking:

a ton more from matt gallagher:

a list of even more:

and more...

a new one called which should interest everyone here: and

and more.. just kidding. that's all i got

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Just a small comment; the Yammer app is far from well coded. – not really Jake Aug 10 '10 at 10:48
Thanks, good collection of sample code. – Stefan Aug 10 '10 at 12:54
This is a stunning piece of code beautifully designed - – Sid Mar 23 '11 at 2:51
@Sid lol.. stunning piece of birds nest. might be pretty to look at, not so pretty to understand – iWasRobbed Oct 17 '11 at 17:07

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