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I need distributed cache to be used in more than one web server.

I've tried a file based cache dependency, but it doesn't work in UNC path. I think .NET can not monitor the files on the UNC path.

I know that Microsoft has presented a new feature in Velocity. But, is there any other solution (like memcache in PHP)?

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There are memcached providers for ASP.NET.

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Are you aware that "Velocity" is now a final, shipping product? It's part of Windows Server AppFabric.

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Unfortunately, I’m using shared hosting services and I can’t force them to install it. –  Amir Pournasserian Jul 22 '10 at 9:43
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You could use NCache. A free express version is available for up to two servers.

EDIT: I just realized you cannot install anything. NCache needs installation on the server as well.

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