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I am presently working with a uipickerview on a view. The picker has two components. First one will have years and the second one will have a list of names linked to that year. The problem is the values in the second component keep changing depending on the year. So i want to disable any movement or scrolling on the second component when the first component is moving. How do i freeze a component when one component is scrolling(spinning) in uipickerview. Any help will be appreciated

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Hummm this could be solved if there were a method in the delegate that tells you when a component is gonna be scrolled right? So when your left (Years) component is gonna be scrolled the right (names) component stops.

A crazy approach that might work is to implement – touchesBegan:withEvent: and check if the touch position is inside the left component. if yes then stop the right component using [picker selectRow:aRow inComponent:1 animated:NO]; if no then it means the touch is somewhere else like the right component or surroundings.

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tried it but still not my answer :( –  Nareshkumar Aug 2 '10 at 14:10

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