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I have flash component in a website, which shows a preview. There are some UI components overlaid on the preview to allow navigation. Unfortunately it seems that in Safari on Macs, there is a problem:

When the user zooms in or out (using the browser based page zoom), my overlaid UI items disappear for some reason. This does not happen on any other platform.

I would have though that this zoom function would be something that is taken care of solely by the browser/Flash plugin, however, perhaps there is something I can do to force a 'redraw'?

Has anyone else come across this problem?

Thank you

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Could you provide an example that reproduces this problem, please? – user8472 Jul 28 '10 at 14:26
@user8472 - that might not be possible unfortunately, but I'll see what I can do. – UpTheCreek Jul 29 '10 at 8:53

It is very hard to replicate your scenario because of non specific descriptions.

  1. What version of Flash are you using ?
  2. Which components are you using(what are 'some UI components' ?
  3. What is a 'preview' ? Is just an image, it is a complex item renderer ? If it's an image, how large is it ?
  4. What do you mean by 'browser based zoom' ? Is it Flash Player's context menu Zoom In option ? Is it CMD+ ?

Without proper details I would advise you try invalidate(), validateNow() or drawNow()...maybe, just maybe.

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1. Built using Adobe Flash CS4 (the player causing problems is the latest version I believe). 2. The UI 'components' are just standard flash movieclip buttons. 3. Yes just and image (could be approx 200k), but I don't think this is relevant, the image is displaying fine. 4. Yes, the zoom functionality provided by the browser, not the flash player (ctrl + on firefox). Regarding the functions you mention, when am I suppsed to call these? As far as I know there is no 'onZoomed' event that I can hook into. – UpTheCreek Aug 2 '10 at 5:25
@UpTheCreek I'll have access to Flash CS4 tomorrow, so no solution yet. Thanks for clearing things out a bit. 2.) So you have some fl.controls.Button instances on top of an image(Loader, or something) and when you zoom in using the context menu(Zoom In), the buttons disappear , right ? 3.) I meant image dimensions(width,height). File is irelevant. Dimensions wise BitmapData instances are limited to 8192 pixels in width/height. I've got an idea for a 'handmade' onZoomed event – George Profenza Aug 2 '10 at 17:03
Thanks for your help. The image is well within those dimension limits. – UpTheCreek Aug 3 '10 at 7:55
@UpTheCreek I've placed a ScrollPane with a large image and placed a Button(fl.controls) on top and had no problem zooming in. I can't seem to replicate your issue. Can you add steps for me to reproduce your scenario and spot the problem ? Also, for the 'onZoomed', have a look at this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/1374179/… – George Profenza Aug 3 '10 at 12:58

This same problem recently began happening in Firefox and Safari, circa February 2011 if not earlier, somewhere about the time I upgraded Firefox to and was then directed (by Firefox) to update Adobe Flash.

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