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I have an ASP.NET application which calls aspx-pages in other ASP.NET applications (all on the same server and the same solution). This aspx-pages should be shown in a (fixed) region on the main-site in that way that that only the embedded pages is renewed, during user interactions there. Is an IFRAME the only way to achieve this goal, or can I use for example the AJAX update-panel or are there further possibilities / techniques. I have read something about the a control "UFRAME". Maybe this is the solution for my question !?!?

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If you want to display a page within another page, you'll need to use frames or an i-frame. If you have access to all the code for these other ASPX pages though, it would probably be better to use User Controls (ASCX files) instead. You can then easily re-use these in as many pages as you like.

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