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I am currently trying to create graph statistics for jobs in a PBS. I have a jobs model that has many fields, among them is a "Group" field. I would like to know how many jobs each group has executed. For that, I need the following query:

COUNT(`group`) AS 'number_of_jobs'
FROM jobs
GROUP BY jobs.`group`

Which returns 2 columns, the group name and how many jobs that group has executed, whoever, I am unable to do so in Ruby on rails. Any help would be appreciated.

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group is keyword for mysql so use (`) backtics for it

          :select => '`group`, COUNT(`group`) AS number_of_jobs',
          :group  => '`group`'

No check though

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Thank you! this solved it! – jalagrange Jul 22 '10 at 14:36

Assuming that you have model named Job for jobs tables

          :select => 'group, COUNT(group) AS number_of_jobs',
          :group  => 'group'
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For some reason this code gave me an SQL syntax error...it produced the following query: SELECT group, COUNT(group) AS number_of_jobs FROM jobs GROUP BY group. However I tweaked it a bit, an this worked: Job.all({ :select => "jobs.group AS name, COUNT('group') AS contador", :group =>"jobs.group"}) But that doesnt seem to be the "rails way". Thanks! – jalagrange Jul 22 '10 at 12:07

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