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<tr> <td rowspan=2>outer listview</td> <td>inner listview</td> <td>inner listview</td> <td rowspan=2>outer listview</td> </tr> <tr> <td>inner listview</td> <td>inner listview</td> </tr>

i want to have this kind of structure for a listview where the first and last td are outer list view, second and third td are inner list view

this is the .NET CODE

 <th>1st column</th>
 <th>2nd column</th>
 <th>3rd column</th>
 <th>4th column</th>
 <td rowspan="Binding a value here">1st value</td>
 <td>2nd value</td>
 <td>3rd value</td>
 <td rowspan="Binding a value here">4th value</td>

Problem i am facing here is unable to display the last td of outer listview when inner listview has more than 1 record.

Any suggestions?

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You need to work with RowDataBound event

Try this article:

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