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What i want to do i quite simple : when inside The Loop, i want to retrieve the current post count.

For example, after every 3 posts, i want to insert an ad.

So, how do i get the value of the loop count?


Kartik Rao

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You can use the current_post member of the WP_Query object instance to get the current post iteration;

while (have_posts()): the_post();

if ($wp_query->current_post % 3):

    // your ad code here


// your normal post code


Note, if you're using this inside a function, you'll need to globalise $wp_query.

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I tried this method. The ad is being inserted before and after every 3 posts! How do i get it to insert the ad only after 3 posts. –  Kartik Rao Jul 22 '10 at 12:21

Why not incrementing a variable then display your ads when needed?

    echo $i%3==0 ? $ad : '';
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Unsure why, but the suggested methods didn't work out for me, I had to resort to the following

$loop_counter = 1;
while( $query->have_posts() )
    //Do your thing $query->the_post(); etc


Safer than playing with globals if you ask me.

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