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I'm trying to search for a set of assemblies based on the following convention within a directory:


I've started by creating an MSBuild ItemGroup [by batching another ItemGroup on the .RecursiveDir portion].

<AllAssemblies Include="$(SourceDirectory)\**\Test.*.dll" />
<Dirs Include="@(AllAssemblies->'%(RecursiveDir)')"/>

Each item has a trailing slash, i.e.:

<Message Text="@(Dirs)"/>



Now, I want to generate a set of filenames from this list.

The problem is that:

<AssembliesByConvention Include="@(Dirs -> '%(Identity)\%(Identity).dll')" />



I dont want the slashes before the period in .dll.

What's the cleanest way to achieve this?

I know there's a HasTrailingSlash expression operator, but there's no sign of a RemoveTrailingSlash task in the OOTB Tasks?. I'm not fussy about the MSBuild version required.

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You can use MSBuild's .NET methods support in .NET 4.0 to replace the "\."s with "."s in the final result.

(This would at least solve my original problem)

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Have you tried

<AssembliesByConvention Include="@(Dirs -> '%(Identity)%(Identity).dll')" Condition="HasTrailingSlash(%(Identity))" />
<AssembliesByConvention Include="@(Dirs -> '%(Identity)\%(Identity).dll')" Condition="!HasTrailingSlash(%(Identity))" />
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Thanks Sayed. Unfortunately, the value has a trailing slash (as it comes from RecursiveDir), and I want to embed it into a filename (I am getting double backslashes between dir bits and your remedy would cure that - but of course that's silently ignored anyway - remember this isnt for pretiness, its coz it dont work!). – Ruben Bartelink Aug 4 '10 at 7:49

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