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How to get a caller method name in an class constructor, get_called_class() gives me the name of an extended class which was instantiated but how can I get the name of a method which was called in that class? I need this for a production state so debug_backtrace() is not a good solution.

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Why do you need this? If you have any consideration for other coders on the project and standards, find a solution which does not require the constructor to know about how it was called. If all other solutions fail, define a static factory method and make the constructor private for more control over instantiation.

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It looks like there is not way to get it without debug_backtrace(). Still you can create your our function for this. Example from manual:

function get_caller_method() 
    $traces = debug_backtrace(); 

    if (isset($traces[2])) 
        return $traces[2]['function']; 

    return null; 
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There is no automatic way of doing this other than the slow/ugly debug_backtrace, or passing the name as an argument to the constructor.... but you shouldn't really be building these kinds of dependencies into your classes.

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If you don't want to use the debug_backtrace() function, you can also throw and catch an exception, to get a backtrace.

But that's also ugly... Anyway:

    throw new Exception();
catch( Exception $e )
    print_r( $e->getTrace() );

I don't know why you need the caller. Maybe you can fix this by using a different logic.
It should be better than getting a backtrace...


The exception does not need to be thrown. Sorry for that part.
So you can simply use:

$e = new Exception();
print_r( $e->getTrace() );

But once again, you shouldn't need to use this!

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Cant use simply use: $e = new Exception; $e->getTrace()? Is it required to be thrown, to get the trace? –  NikiC Jul 22 '10 at 12:15
I thought so, but I've just tested, and no, it does not need to be thrown. –  Macmade Jul 22 '10 at 12:23

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