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How can I put a link in a C# TextBox? I have tried to put HTML tags in the box but instead of showing a link it shows the entire HTML tag. Can this be done with a TextBox?

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I would think about this a little bit. If you allow executable code in an editable control, the user, the user can execute ANY code. This is generally a bad idea.

The behavior of the C# control is intentional to prevent the exact behavior that you are trying to create. A little creativity (such as parsing out links from the text box and creating a list of links next or below the text box) will provide a much safer application.

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Use the RichTextBox, no need to build your own, it cames with VS

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I would try using an editable div and making it look like a text box. This would allow you to get user input and use links.

To make this easier, try JEditable.

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If that is in windows forms and you really can't use the richtextbox, you can create a control with a linklabel inside of textbox.


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Quick and easily done. –  Ron Warholic Jan 22 '09 at 6:50

To my knowledge not with the standard textbox. You'd have to create your own. One option it the Telerik controls, they're a little pricey for individual development, but very robust and configurable.

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Found this project that might do what you want. I haven't needed to show the link rather than the URL before, but this seemed like a possible solution.

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Are we talking about ASP.NET or Windows Forms?

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For windows application, we can use a webbrowser control. However, for web applications Freetextbox will do the job.This is freely available dll.

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