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I need to do an app for my school to connect to the Wi-Fi Network. They use a LEAP protocol and I just need to send a NSURLRequest to a PHP file.

Anyone has any ideas?

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The iPhone supports LEAP natively - your app doesn't have to do anything special to support it.

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It's not the job of your app to connect to the wireless! If the iPhone supports LEAP authentication, you should just connect. If not, you're out of luck. You can't* alter the wifi settings of the iPhone from inside an application.

As for a NSURLRequest, you'd just use a normal NSURLConnection and let the iPhone do all the LEAP stuff behind the scenes for you.

*As far as I know, maybe jailbroken phones can do more.

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Provided username and password (possibly not already in the keychain), do you know if it would be possible to make the phone attempt to connect to a known secured WiFi? –  andershqst Jan 5 '13 at 16:00
Yes - it will do that automatically when you attempt to do anything networky. AFAIK you can't explicitly trigger it though –  deanWombourne Jan 7 '13 at 0:53

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