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Is it possible to have a button in a Toast?

In theory, yes because you can build a custom Toast from a layout in XML, but I tried to put a button in it and couldn't get it to register the click. Did anyone manage to do something like that?

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A toast can not be clicked. It is not possible to capture a click inside a toast message. You will need to build a dialog for that. Look at Creating Dialogs for more info.

The API on the Toast class state that a toast will never receive the focus and because a toast is not a view there is no onClick message. I would assume that therefore childs of a Toast can not be clicked as well.

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That's what I thought too. Ok thanks for the explanation. I know for the Dialogs, I was just doing some tests. –  Sephy Jul 22 '10 at 13:04
Perfect explanation and helped me out on the very first SO page I checked with this problem. Why isn't every answer the first thing you click!! :) –  Russ Wheeler Jan 21 at 11:39

A toast cant contain a button. Except that the gmail app and the gallery app in jelly beans have a semi toast that contains a button, here is how Google did it


I guess this answers your question.

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A custom view passed to a toast can contain anything; however, toasts cannot receive any touch events so no components that use touch events will work in a stock toast (buttons, radiobuttons, etc.). The only choice you have is to create a custom view with a button in it and add it to your layout. There are many examples of how to do this and a few libraries you can check out to see how other people are doing it.

Nurik's UndoBar

Of course you are also welcome to use the SuperToasts library I put together however it might be a little overkill for one usage. The way that I do it is outlined in the SuperActivityToast class.

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Use an alertbox, if you want to add a button :-). Here are some examples Dialog boxes in Android

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