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Is it possible to show WPF Context menu on WinForms?

If yes, how could we do that?

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why don't you show WinForms context menus on your WinForms app? – Muad'Dib Jul 22 '10 at 13:24
Because I have a form in my app done in Winform ages ago, but all new implementation is in WPF, so I'm wondering whether I can reuse existing context menu – Prashant Jul 22 '10 at 13:29

You can mix the 2 technologies using WindowsFormsHost (WinForm inside WPF window) and ElementHost (WPF inside WinForm window).

You will not encounter the Airspace issue as you are adding a WPF menu into a Winform application. But you will if you create WPF windows with Winform UserControls. This Blog post has some ideas about solving it, but it is not pretty.

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OK, so I've found the answer myself... (I tried to give a 50 point bounty, but I don't think I can award myself :P)

We have a lot of legacy WinForms... forms... still in our project at work. And here's the secret code that is needed to display a WPF Context Menu in a WinForms project!

var myMenu = new System.Windows.Controls.ContextMenu();
myMenu.IsOpen = true;

Tada!!! - There is no secret code needed... you can write this code in a WPF App or a WinForms app and it works the same.

And there's your answer :)

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Get out of town, I was able to award myself! – Timothy Khouri Apr 13 '11 at 3:02

I don't know if it can be done, but this article might help point you in the right direction. As a WPF developer, it seems strange to me to want to mix winforms and wpf, but i can see the case for re-use.

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