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I have create a form class for editing deleting and add users to a database. If I want to edit a user how can I simply supply the information of the user to the form.

I use a Zend_Db_Table to get the data from the database.

This is the userForm class:

class UsersForm extends Zend_Form
    public function init ()
    	$username = new Zend_Form_Element_Text('username',array(
    		'validatrors' => array(
    		'filters'	=> array(
    		'required'	=> true,
    		'label'		=> 'Gebruikersnaam:'

    	$password = new Zend_Form_Element_Password('password', array(
    		'validators'=> array(
    			array('StringLength', array(6,20))
    		'filters'	=> array('StringTrim'),
    		'required'	=> true,
    		'label'		=> 'Wachtwoord:'

    	$actif = new Zend_Form_Element_Checkbox('actif', array(
    		'label'		=> 'actif'));


    		array('HtmlTag', array('tag' => 'dl', 'class' => 'zend_form')),
    		array('Description',array('placement' => 'prepand')),

Thank you,

Ivo Trompert

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This is done with:


where $data is an array with your table-row-data where the field names have to match the ones from the form. Zend will do the rest.

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one of the 'fetchXXX' or 'find' methods on your extended Db_Table will return a Rowset, calling current() on that will give you a Row, which has a toArray method that will give you the format tharkun's response is asking for.

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