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is it possible to open the windows media player from a c# application with a self generated playlist from memory. So that I don't have to save the playlist on my storage first and the open the player with the playlist file. I don't really what to save a playlist for each temp. user selection.


Is it possible to open the windows media player directly with more than one audiofiles in the command line?

Thx 4 answers

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From Microsoft about Windows Media Player 6.4:

When starting the Windows Media Player from a command prompt, you can specify several startup parameters.

The Windows Media Player has several command line options:

  • /open: Open the file, don't automatically start playing.
  • /play: Start playing the file as soon the player is launched.
  • /close: Close the player after playback (only works when used with /play).
  • /fullscreen: Start the file in full-screen mode.
  • /new: Use a new instance of the player.

For example, to play a file and close the media player when finished:

Mplayer2.exe /play /close C:\Asfroot\Sample.asf

So, to answer your questions, the Windows Media Player plays files from disk storage, and appears to play one file per execution.

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