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For 32-bit Windows, following declaration of _SYSTEM_PROCESSES structure ( System Information Class 5 ) with ZwQuerySystemInformation works fine for my purpose to construct process tree.

typedef struct _SYSTEM_PROCESSES   
{ // System Information Class 5  

     ULONG           NextEntryDelta;   
     ULONG           ThreadCount;  
     ULONG           Reserved1[6];  
     LARGE_INTEGER   CreateTime;  
     LARGE_INTEGER   UserTime;  
     LARGE_INTEGER   KernelTime;  
     UNICODE_STRING  ProcessName;  
     ULONG           BasePriority;  
     ULONG           ProcessId;  
     ULONG           InheritedFromProcessId;  
     ULONG           HandleCount;  
     ULONG           Reserved2[2];  

On the other hand, it doesn't function well in 64-bit Windows. If I declare the ProcessId as ULONG64, then the data for ProcessId comes right. Is the datatype defined for above structure is right for Windows-64?

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For some weird reason, process and thread id's are 64bit in the kernel and 32bit in the documented windows api on x64

If you look at SYSTEM_PROCESS_INFORMATION @ ntinternals you see that they have declared the PID's as HANDLE (pointer sized)

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Thanks Anders. That was helpful. –  Kartlee Jul 23 '10 at 7:23
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