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Is there a way to do this? If logging.config.fileConfig('some.log') is the setter, what's the getter? Just curious if this exists.

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logging.config.fileConfig('some.log') is going to try to read logging configuration from some.log.

I don't believe there is a general way to retrieve the destination file -- it isn't always guaranteed to even be going to a file. (It may go to syslog, over the network, etc.)

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I needed to do something similar in a very simple logging environment, the following routine did the trick

def _find_logger_basefilename(self, logger):
    """Finds the logger base filename(s) currently there is only one
    log_file = None
    parent = logger.__dict__['parent']
    if parent.__class__.__name__ == 'RootLogger':
        # this is where the file name lives
        for h in logger.__dict__['handlers']:
            if h.__class__.__name__ == 'TimedRotatingFileHandler':
                log_file = h.baseFilename
        log_file = self._find_logger_basefilename(parent)

    return log_file    

I was looking for the file used by the TimedRotatingFileHandler you might need to change the type of handler you search for, probably FileHandler.

Not sure how it would go in any sort of complex logging environment.

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For my basic usage of a single file log, this worked

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In my case, I used to initialize a single logger (in my main script) and use that in all my packages by doing locallogger = logging.getLogger(__name__). In this setup to get the logging file path I had to modify @John's answer as follows

def find_rootlogger_basefilename():
"""Finds the root logger base filename
log_file = None
rootlogger = logging.getLogger('')
for h in rootlogger.__dict__['handlers']:
    if h.__class__.__name__ == 'FileHandler':
        log_file = h.baseFilename
    elif h.__class__.__name__ == 'TimedRotatingFileHandler':
        log_file = h.baseFilename

return log_file   
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