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I have a date variable with the format

2008 12 29

to have it correctly display from within my database app I need the format to be


Is there a way to simply add the - into the string or replace the spaces with -?

I am using PHP and the date is stored in $release_date

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Use str_replace():

$release_date = str_replace(' ', '-', $release_date);
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The str_replace() method is what you search for:

$good_format_date = str_replace(' ', '-', $date);
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If you know for a fact that the spaces will always be standard (spacebar) spaces, use str_replace() as BoltClock said.

However, if it's possible that there may be extra spaces, tabs, or other whitespace characters in between your date parts, use preg_replace() as it will work in almost all cases unlike str_replace():

$release_date = preg_replace( '/\s+/', '-', $release_date );
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