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is it possible and safe to copy from one source to multiple destinations with Robocopy?

I mean, something like this in a bat file:

ROBOCOPY source dest_1
ROBOCOPY source dest_2

Is there any side effect?


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Yup, go right ahead. This is exactly the sort of thing robocopy is good at.

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This might be of help: http://robomojo.codeplex.com

It's a free and open source shell for Robocopy. It lets you set up "tasks" (i.e: a single Robocopy command) and combine them into "Jobs" (multiple tasks) which run in sequence.

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Note that this will not work if you are using the /mon option.

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Not really understanding the downvote here? If somehow has a way to make robocopy kickoff multiple actions in one batch file with "/mon" activated. I would be thrilled! – PimBrouwers Jul 7 at 1:14

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