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I wrote a program that gets youtube video URL and downloads it
Up today I did this:
1. get video "token" from "/get_video_info?video_id=ID" like:


2. Download Video by requesting it from "/get_video?video_id=ID&t=TOKEN&fmt=FORMAT_ID" like:


But this doesn't work anymore!
What is the new download URL?


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I'm having this problem too, it seems like it doesn't affect mobile youtube, but I don't know what's the URL to download from mobile youtube. –  Leg10n Jul 23 '10 at 6:42

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Add &asv=2 to the end of the URL.

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Hi, Thank you very much, it works , But: I tried "asv=3" (as I fetched from reversed actionscript code of youtube player) but it didn't work! but your's works. thanks –  4r1y4n Jul 24 '10 at 13:16
&asv=2 was reverse engineered from the embed player. I have no idea why it works, but it works :D –  rossy Jul 24 '10 at 14:43

Actually I'm working on the similar project that downloading the video file from youtube. I find that the get_video might be blocked by Youtube. so instead of using get_video., I use the video info retrieved from get_video_info and extract it to get the video file url.

Within the get_video_info, there are url_encoded_fmt_stream_map. After encoding it, you can find url and signature value of every video with different format. So the file url is like [url value]+'&signature='+[sig value].

Additionally I find the following topic that using same method with mine. Hope it can help you.

Can't Download from youtube

If you are interested about how to downloading youtube video file, there is a small program written by me to demonstrate the process. You are free to use it.


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Your demo on github doesn't work anymore...? I was trying it with YoutubeVideoDownload.py http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3VdT3HEzKE mp4 –  hwhm Jul 30 '13 at 19:44
@yujohnnyzhou I've added an interactive download mode for selection of different video types along with a single line download progress bar instead of displaying it with multiple lines. Please see your github page. –  Searock Aug 9 '13 at 21:13
mediacollege.com/video/internet/youtube/download.html –  user2889008 Oct 31 '13 at 12:17
@TheBeardedTemplar one more thing, I think this program works for vevo github.com/rg3/youtube-dl –  yujohnnyzhou Jul 11 at 2:33
@TheBeardedTemplar I've already found where the issue is. when the program retrieve the video_info file, it send request to get_video_info with parameter video_id=/*video_id*/ . however, it doesn't work for vevo video. You have to append another parameter el=vevo. So the request url will look like www.youtube.com/get_video_info?video_id=/*video_id*/&el=vevo . currently, it is the only way ( I found ) to retrieve vevo video info file. If you have any other ideas, please tell me. :) –  yujohnnyzhou Jul 11 at 5:01

You can get the stream directly by using only


I made a little script to stream youtube videos in PHP. See how the script get the video file.

$id = $_GET['id']; //The youtube video ID
$type = $_GET['type']; //the MIME type of the video

$streams = explode(',',$info['url_encoded_fmt_stream_map']); 

foreach($streams as $stream){ 
    $stype = $real_stream['type']; 
    if(strpos($real_stream['type'],';') !== false){ 
        $tmp = explode(';',$real_stream['type']); 
        $stype = $tmp[0]; 
    if($stype == $type && ($real_stream['quality'] == 'large' || $real_stream['quality'] == 'medium' || $real_stream['quality'] == 'small')){ 
        header('Content-type: '.$stype); 
        header('Transfer-encoding: chunked'); 
        @readfile($real_stream['url'].'&signature='.$real_stream['sig']); //Change here to do other things such as save the file to the filesystem etc.

See the working demo here. I hope this can help you.

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demo is not working –  opengrid Jul 3 '13 at 18:58
@opengrid That's about my web host. I'll try another web host later. –  Licson Jul 3 '13 at 22:57

Last time I was working on fixing one of the broken Chrome extensions to download YouTube video. I fixed it by altering the script part.


var links = new String();
var downlink = new String();
var has22 = new Boolean();
has22 = false;
var Marked = false;

var FMT_DATA = fmt_url_map;//This is html text that you have to grab. In case of extension it was readily available through:document.getElementsByTagName('script');

var StrSplitter1 = '%2C', StrSplitter2 = '%26', StrSplitter3 = '%3D';
if (FMT_DATA.indexOf(',') > -1) { //Found ,
    StrSplitter1 = ',';
    StrSplitter2 = (FMT_DATA.indexOf('&') > -1) ? '&' : '\\u0026';
    StrSplitter3 = '=';

var videoURL = new Array();
var FMT_DATA_PACKET = new Array();
var FMT_DATA_PACKET = FMT_DATA.split(StrSplitter1);

for (var i = 0; i < FMT_DATA_PACKET.length; i++) {
    var FMT_DATA_FRAME = FMT_DATA_PACKET[i].split(StrSplitter2);
    var FMT_DATA_DUEO = new Array();

    for (var j = 0; j < FMT_DATA_FRAME.length; j++) {
        var pair = FMT_DATA_FRAME[j].split(StrSplitter3);
        if (pair.length == 2) {
            FMT_DATA_DUEO[pair[0]] = pair[1];

    var url = (FMT_DATA_DUEO['url']) ? FMT_DATA_DUEO['url'] : null;

    if (url == null) continue;
    url = unescape(unescape(url)).replace(/\\\//g, '/').replace(/\\u0026/g, '&');
    var itag = (FMT_DATA_DUEO['itag']) ? FMT_DATA_DUEO['itag'] : null;
    var itag = (FMT_DATA_DUEO['itag']) ? FMT_DATA_DUEO['itag'] : null;
    if (itag == null) continue;
    var signature = (FMT_DATA_DUEO['sig']) ? FMT_DATA_DUEO['sig'] : null;
    if (signature != null) {
        url = url + "&signature=" + signature;
    if (url.toLowerCase().indexOf('http') == 0) { // validate URL 

        if (itag == '5') {
            links += '<a href="' + url + '&title=' + username + title + quality240 + '"style="text-decoration:none"><span class="yt-uix-button-menu-item" id="v240p">FLV (240p)</span></a>';
        if (itag == '18') {
            links += '<a href="' + url + '&title=' + username + title + quality360 + '"style="text-decoration:none"><span class="yt-uix-button-menu-item" id="v360p">MP4 (360p)</span></a>';
        if (itag == '35') {
            links += '<a href="' + url + '&title=' + username + title + quality480 + '"style="text-decoration:none"><span class="yt-uix-button-menu-item" id="v480p">FLV (480p)</span></a>';
        if (itag == '22') {
            links += '<a href="' + url + '&title=' + username + title + quality720 + '"style="text-decoration:none"><span class="yt-uix-button-menu-item" id="v720p">MP4 HD (720p)</span></a>';
        if (itag == '37') {
            links += ' <a href="' + url + '&title=' + username + title + quality1080 + '"style="text-decoration:none"><span class="yt-uix-button-menu-item" id="v1080p">MP4 HD (1080p)</span></a>';
        if (itag == '38') {
            links += '<a href="' + url + '&title=' + username + title + quality4k + '"style="text-decoration:none"><span class="yt-uix-button-menu-item"  id="v4k">MP4 HD (4K)</span></a>';

        videoURL[itag] = url;

You can get separate video link from videoURL[itag] array.

The extension can be downloaded from here.

I hope this would help someone. This is working solution (as of 06-Apr-2013)

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EDIT: This does not work any longer.

Following this:


Should solve your problem. Getting the url the way you describe does not work anymore.

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Hi, Thanks, But This post is too old (2008) and it is actually the same technique as mine ! and it doesn't work too! any other solution? –  4r1y4n Jul 22 '10 at 19:14
I am also looking for a solution to this. –  gpuguy May 18 '12 at 9:33
the link says "Access denied". Can you update the link? Thanks –  nkchandra Sep 29 '12 at 13:05
Only a login page is available here :-( –  Joel Jan 18 '13 at 19:08

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