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In VBA, the ListIndex property of a Combobox shows the index (starting at 0) of the item selected in the overall list (array) of values in the Combobox. It shows -1 if there is no selection made.

When I bring up a sheet in Excel with a Combobox and the last value in it, it comes up with a ListIndex of -1, instead of the actual ListIndex of the item.

What is the trick in VBA to quickly getting the ListIndex of the current non-selected value?

I know I could manually check the array myself (the .List property), but I'm hoping that VBA has some quicker way to do this.

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Do you fill the ComboBox through the Add Method on Workbook_Open, seting ListFillRange or another Method? –  marg Jul 23 '10 at 7:45

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From VBA Help on the ListIndex Property:

The ListIndex property contains an index of the selected row in a list. Values of ListIndex range from –1 to one less than the total number of rows in a list (that is, ListCount – 1). When no rows are selected, ListIndex returns –1. When the user selects a row in a ListBox or ComboBox, the system sets the ListIndex value.

So I assume you aren't selecting anything, but trying to read the selected value. That might explain why ListIndex returns -1.

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