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I have a tool that I want to install on my main development box (Windows Server 2008). The installer tells me that it requires Vista. Of course I'm not saying Server 2008 is Vista, but I figure something that installs on Vista should be able to install on Server 2008.

Is there some way (perhaps via a temporary registry change) to get a server 2008 system to appear as Vista for the purpose of installing software?


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Win2008Workstation has an example guide of how to use Orca to patch an MSI file.

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Have you tried the emulator for running the install, when right clicking and going in to the properties of the installer?

right click > properties > compatiblity > and change the compatibility mode to Windows XP or Windows Server 2003

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Not sure what you mean by "tried the emulator for running the install". Right clicking on the installer and going into properties doesn't seem to show anything obvious. –  Bil Dec 1 '08 at 16:00
Try the updated comments –  Nick Berardi Dec 1 '08 at 16:06
Nick, there is no compatibilty tab for the MSI under server 2008. Good try though. –  Bil Dec 1 '08 at 16:10
Weird, it shows up for everything else. Oh well, I see that you found your solution. –  Nick Berardi Dec 1 '08 at 17:53

A few ideas:

  • If it's an MSI installer, download orca and delete the custom action that does the check
  • Use a tool such as process monitor to watch what registry keys the installer reads and tweak them to match vista's.
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