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Is there a built in node-like collection that will allow me to store information within information without building long hard to read generic declarations?

C# or VB.Net solutions would be appreciated.

For example:

dim base as new Dictionary(of String, Dictionary(of String, List(of String)))
dim mid as new Dictionary(of String, List(of String)
dim leaf as new List(of String)
mid.add("middle", leaf)
base.add("base", mid)

Logical Representation:

               / leaf
        mid    - leaf
     /         \ leaf
     \         / leaf
        mid    - leaf
               \ leaf
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Nothing built in. Take a look at this.

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There is nothing builtin, you're probably better off building your own class for each tree node.

public class Node {
  private List<Node> children = new List<Node>();

  public void Node(Node parent,Object node_data) {

  // put some methods for adding, removing, retrieving children here

And only one private generic class!

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