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I am using EXT-JS 3.2.0 and I have an Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel backed by a object. The store has the restful flag on and uses and It works great for retrieving data and populating the grid. However, when I add or update a record, the JSON produced for the POST/PUT has the data nested under a root field. This is not matching up with what the service I am calling expects. It wants a flat object. For example, when I add or update a record, the JSON produces looks something like this:

   "data":  {
      "name": "TEST",
      "id": "-1"

But I need it to be

   "name": "TEST",
   "id": "-1"

Any ideas?



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I don't know if it's the best approach but I ended up creating my own object and making the request where I needed it, for example on the delete. Not the solution I was hoping for but it works.

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