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Any list of Testing frameworks for ActionScript 2.0/3.0 around there?

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FlexUnit is the "official" unit testing framework. It's owned by Adobe's Research guys I believe.

Here's a tutorial on how to use it:

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Does FlexUnit work with AS 2.0? – kementeus Dec 2 '08 at 0:25
I don't believe so. – Richard Szalay Jun 5 '09 at 13:28

UPDATE 2010-05-18

Since this post is a little old and I just received an upvote, it's probably worth providing some updated information so people don't chase down old frameworks.

The original fluint team now produce the official (and open source) unit testing framework, FlexUnit. You also might want to check out asunit, particularly if you need AS2 support.

flexcover is the go-to code coverage framework, and requires you use an alternate compiler.

You have a bit more choice for mocking/isolation frameworks, since most use dynamic proxy generation now:

  • asmock supports a strongly typed record-replay-verify mocking model and (I hope) a pretty comprehensive wiki to get started. (Though I'm a tad biased here :)
  • mockito supports supports a strongly typed arrange-act-assert syntax
  • mockolate is from the same author as mock-as3 (now discontinued) and provides an alternate model for mocking (though requires you specify method names as a string)
  • mock4as is a static mocking framework
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Try AsUnit. It currently supports ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 development. And, it's open source.

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Also check out fluint

Based loosely on the concepts of FlexUnit and its ancestor JUnit, fluint provides enhanced asynchronous support, a graphical test runner, integration with continuous build systems and an optional Adobe AIR client for directory watching.

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Try AS3Unit from libspark. They also have an async beta test kit.

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