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I am wondering how to actually secure elmah in my situation. I know you can disable remote connections(what I done) but how about for me I still want to be able to connect to it remotely just not anyone else.

Usually if I wanted to look at elmah errors I would just load up the site on local host with my live db in my web.config so I could access my elmah errors. For various reasons I cannot do this time around.

SO I know you can use asp.net authentication but I am unsure how that would work. Do I have to hardcode my user name in the web.config?

Or does it make it's login form?

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possible duplicate of Securing Elmah in ASP.NET website – adrianbanks Jul 22 '10 at 22:07
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See this question:


You can hard code your username in the web.config if you want, but if you have forms authentication setup against a database backend, you can use that too without having your username in the web.config

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