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I can make a search query using these tokens here:


in the links:

https://graph.facebook.com/search?q=mark&type=user&access_token=2227470867|2.3eR1b7yrD6oU8Odh0PEhZA__.3600.1279843200-100001317997096|yDCYeMeuUisyjC7x5k_nuU3DjT0. (<-this token expires within hours)

However I cannot make search using my own tokens that I get from here:



What is wrong? How I'll get tokens like this one: https://graph.facebook.com/search?q=mark&type=user&access_token=2227470867|2.3eR1b7yrD6oU8Odh0PEhZA__.3600.1279843200-100001317997096|yDCYeMeuUisyjC7x5k_nuU3DjT0

(note: I do not care about my secret keys etc etc, that is Facebook's business, I want it work, I'm trying to make a simple search, it passed 2 days since I started, please don't tell me to read developer's page because they write it to themselves, I do not understand why my tokens do not work, what I miss, their help pages are not helpfull, so I'm asking you here)

And there is no something like user authentication. It is like www.spokeo.com

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Are you trying this on localhost (if so is your localhost acts as proper fb app)? Isn't access token request supposed to have redirect_uri param? –  serg Jul 22 '10 at 22:38
I'm trying this on subdomain.example.com/read.php –  ilhan Jul 22 '10 at 22:43
Isn't redirect_uri for user authentication. My app has nothing to do with user authentication. It is only a PHP app that access to Facebook and makes searches. –  ilhan Jul 25 '10 at 13:13

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The long access tokens are the session tokens, and are used for operations that require a logged-in user. The short access tokens (the ones returned from oauth/access_token?type=client_cred) can only be used for a limited set of operations. Searching of user names requires a session token.

In order to do searching of user names, you'll need to use either the web flow (oauth/authorize) or, possibly, the desktop application flow (oauth/authorize?type=user_agent). Either one, however, will require the Facebook authentication dialog to come up.

You might just let the user login -- oftentimes, the user is already logged into Facebook, so authorizing through Facebook isn't a big deal.

(Oddly, even though name searches require a session token, the Facebook directory is publically available and can be crawled).

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I had the similar problem until I found this nice tutorial:

Facebook Graph API — getting access tokens

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I know you asked not to say this, but if you read the Authentication docs, I think it's well explained enough, and with PHP examples.

You do need to register your application, but you mentioned nothing about it, so did you already?


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